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Compliance Contact

Robert Bosch Mexico
Compliance Officer
Circuito G. Gonzalez Camarena 333,
01210, Mexico City

Observing legal requirements

As part of our Bosch value “Reliability, credibility, and legality,” we are committed to unconditional compliance with the rule of law. To underline the significance of this principle, we have summarized the fundamental points of all key legal and company-internal regulations in our “Code of Business Conduct.” The code explains why this principle is so important to us and provides our associates with a guide for conducting their day-to-day business. We expect that they comply unconditionally with all the relevant legal and internal regulations, including the “Basic principles of social responsibility at Bosch,” which were approved in 2004. We also underpin the importance of the principle of legality through our membership of Transparency International, which we joined in 1995.